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Pure, convenient, and quality-packed water bottles for refreshment.

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About Us

Healthy Mineral Water for You & Your Family

Welcome to Delight Ocean, your ultimate destination for premium packed water bottles. We specialize in providing convenient and refreshing hydration solutions for various settings, including cinemas, restaurants, and more.

Whether you’re enjoying a movie at the cinema, dining at a restaurant, or attending a special event, our packed water bottles are the perfect companion. Each bottle is meticulously packed and sealed to guarantee freshness and purity, providing you with a reliable source of hydration whenever you need it.


What Service We Offer

With our reliable and efficient water delivery service, you can say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing bottled water or worrying about water quality.

Water Delivery

Delight ocean provide convenient and reliable delivery of  purified water to customers doorsteps, ensuring access to clean drinking water.

Water Refill

We also provide convenient, eco-friendly solution for quick and sustainable refilling of water containers, reducing plastic waste.

Delight Ocean ensure clean, purified water through advanced filtration technology, delivering safe and refreshing drinking water.

Water Distribution

Reliable and efficient delivery of water to meet the needs of individuals, households, and businesses, ensuring access to clean and reliable water supply.

Our Process

A higher standard of water delivered process

Water Filtration

 Delight Ocean purifying water through advanced filtration technology to remove impurities and provide clean and safe drinking water to our customers.

Touchless Packing

 Ensuring hygienic and contamination-free packaging by employing automated systems that eliminate physical contact, maintaining safety and pristine quality.

On Time Deliver

Implementing efficient logistics and scheduling systems to ensure prompt and timely delivery of water bottles, meeting customer demands.

What We Offer

We Deliver Best Quality Bottle Packs

500 ml Gallon

Quench your thirst with our 500ml gallon water bottles, the perfect size for convenient hydration on the go.

1 Litre Gallon

Satisfy your thirst with our reliable 1-liter gallon water bottles, providing ample hydration for your daily needs.

2 Litre Gallon

Stay hydrated for longer with our 2-liter gallon water bottles, ensuring an ample supply of refreshment.

5 Litre Gallon

Quench your thirst with our 5-liter gallon water bottles, delivering an abundance of hydration.

10 Litre Gallon

Experience hydration with our 10-liter gallon water bottles, providing ample water supply for any occasion.

Get Our Service

Stay hydrated and refreshed with our premium water bottle supply. Contact us for your order today and experience the difference!

We Are Focused On Making Your Process A Success

Welcome to Delight Ocean, your one-stop destination for all your water needs. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services, including water delivery, water filtration, water refill, and water distribution, ensuring that you have access to clean and refreshing water wherever you are.

Water Delivery Service 100%
Bottle Design Service 99%
Water Refill Service 100%


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